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  • Name: Anti theft manhole cover special design

The thieves often steal manhole covers and people will drop in the well when discover the stealing. This will make the watage of money and damage the human's life.

We produce the manhole cover and frame all in material of ductile iron or grey iron,and connect the in one structure, We make through holes are equally arranged around the round frame.We we install the manhole cover,the base of frame will be buried by the cement and cement will pour into the through holes and fix the manhole cover with the cement.We also can pull thread concrete reinforcing bars through the through holes around the base of manhole frame,and the bars will fix the manhole cover in the cement hardly.The thieves will steal the manhole cover very hardly.

The ductile iron manhole cover is durable,30 years use life,Anti skidding,Free design, Color, Logo, Panel, Load and Dimension can be designed,wear-resisting, with higher strength and toughness.Sealed well, Double seal ductile iron manhole cover can be used hermetically, and prevent those poisonous gases from leaking out from cesspool effectively. Sealed well, no noise pollution or rebound.Good wear resistance, Reasonable structural design and the use of highly wear- resistant materials prevent the key parts of products from wear and tear in the course of its overall use effectively. High and low temperature resistance, -40~200 Celsius degree. Environmentally friendly products. Refined aesthetic appearance

round cast iron manhole cover