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cast iron gully grating

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  • Name: Garbadge bin gully grating
  • Weight: 50kgs
  • Loading test: EN124 D400

Garbadge bin gully grating cast iron,ductile iron material,for collect garbage use,

and can assembly the bucket,gully grating,frame,base,bracket,screws into one garbage tin,

strong and durable,when accumulate enough garbage,

the base can incline forward to the garbage pipes and pouring the garbage,

when disappear the garbage,the base recover to the original position,these moving through the bracket.

The inclination design can be able to prevent the dispersal of odours.

During the rain, allows the whole gully grating and frame self-cleaning.

The rectangular grate with large and strong eyelets that allow a good reception of the rain water and little things and ease the maintenance of the large item.

Typical Applications---

  Lawn grabadge collection

  municipal construction

  Residential garbadge collection

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