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water meter box

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  • Name: Water meter box
  • Material: ductile cast iron
  • length of square frame: 175mm
  • Diameter of round cover: 157mm
  • height: 355mm
  • Diameter of round bottom: 240mm
  • weight: 12.78kgs

This water meter box is made of ductile cast iron.Use the baking finish paint on the surface,refined aesthetic appearance.
All the sides of this water meter box are smooth,don't have edges to cut hand.Humanization design. The round cover can be opened by handle which is in middle of cover,and cover have long steel screw bolt connect with the body of water meter box.With this steel screw bolt,you can open the water meter box,and the cover can be still connected with the body. Can fix the cover and anti-theft.You can open the cover to the any height and direction in the limition of the stell screw bolt as you want. The cover is not easy to open,can effectively protect the equipment in the water meter box. The water meter cover is simple structure, easy operation, fine performance, durability,tightness,and firmness.

Typical Applications---

  Water meter box
  Surface box
  Fire hydrant box
  Valve box
surface box fire hydrant box valve box water box cast iron water meter box