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drainage manhole cover

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  • Name: Drainage manhole cover
  • Weight: 14.5kgs
  • Outer frame length: 400mm*400mm
  • Loading test: EN124 B125

Drainage manhole cover is an light duty manhole cover.It has the square frame and hinged square cover, the hinged square cover perfect fit without gasket,guarantee resitance,good and quiet settlement.non-slump.

The pipe under the frame and the cover,connet with the pipe.

The safety lock on the cover can anti theft,need skillful worker to use suitable handles to open the cover, enhance the safty for user.

The frame have throat insertion,and the lid is suitable with it.

The upper surface is designed to anti slid,and allow the flow of water and avoid creation of ice.

The painting is protective black coating paint.

More than 30 years.

Typical Applications---

  drain manhole cover

  Rain manhole cover

  Water manhole cover

  Drainage manhole cover

  Sewer manhole cover

  Sanitary manhole cover

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